The Final Myths

Jihan and Ethan bust our final myth, on Solar power.

The Geothermal myth is that when the water is pumped up from underground it brings up toxins. The answer yes it does bring up minerals from underground, but this never gets into the drinking water because they keep the hydrothermal water separated from the tap.

Home again

The professors: Peter Davis and Katrina Hay
On this course, a diversity of student majors are represented, including physics, engineering, geoscience, environmental studies, anthropology, music, economics, biology, chemistry and French. Students learned a lot about how their energy needs intersect with the environment and technology and seemed to enjoy themselves at the same time!
Sarah and Chelsea show off their sleeper car on the Amtrak Coast Starlight. What you see here is the whole compartment! It's cozy. Later, the students set out to find out how many people they could fit into one sleeper car compartment. For the record, 12, and probably more if we had more students!
We have arrived home, safe and sound. Next week, the students give their final term project presentations. What an amazing adventure we had, and an AMAZING group of students. They now see energy with different eyes. They represented PLU well! So many fellow travelers got to know our students and were very complimentary of their enthusiasm, kindness and knowledge.

Headed Home

Here we are, outside the Van Nuys train station, getting ready to head all the way home. Check out our new T-shirts... they glow in the dark. Anders, John and Erik kick around the Hacky Sack at one of the sunny stops on our way home.
Ethan gave his presentation on Wind Energy in the movie theatre on the train. The presentation included participation, demonstrations and an explanation of the Coriolis force. He had to do all this while on a loud moving vehicle.
Tace finds time to read a novel and enjoy the scenery from the Coast Starlight Parlor Car.
This was our view for several hours in the Vandenberg Air Force Base. Imagine being on the cliffs above untouched southern California beaches!

NASA in the Mojave

Today we drove out into the Mojave Desert to visit the Dryden NASA Flight Research Center. On our way we saw Joshua trees and a whole lot of open space. We have enjoyed spending time in the California sun. Being that we are from western Washington, we had to make a stop to buy sunscreen and sunglasses.
Here is the whole group in front of an F-18.
Hold on to your hats and glasses while you are in the "flight line." --- F.O.D. (Foreign object debris)
We got to see NASA's Lunar Landing Research Vehicle (LLRV), which was driven for practice by Neil Armstrong. Tonight we had our last group dinner. Tomorrow we get back on the train and take a 32 hour ride home. Sleeper cars all the way, meals included! We are looking forward to some well earned relaxation after our busy journey.

Yvonne and Marta


Here's John on the geology hike.The following are photos and the view from Griffith's Park Observatory. An awesome place to visit but impossible parking!

I give you: Los Angeles.

Hello LA!

Yesterday we visited Griffith's Park Observatory in Los Angeles.
Here is Erik next to an Aloe vera plant.
The group took a short hike in the hills above Los Angeles.
Today we have a date with NASA so I must run but I'll post more picutures later.
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